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Founded in 1985, under the trade name Noise Com, Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. has been serving the commercial and military communication systems testing market for almost two decades. Until late 1991, the majority of the Company's business was derived from government and defense contracts. The company's products during this period, generically known as noise source devices, were and still are used as a cost-effective method of testing communications systems to determine if they are receiving and understanding the information being transmitted. The initial military application of these products was to disturb and jam enemy radar and communications, and to insulate friendly communications.

Though first developed for the military, noise devices began to be used more and more in commercial applications. Besides being much less expensive than other modes of testing, noise devices produce faster and more accurate results. Through constant focus on creating greater use in the commercial market and the introduction of new lines of test equipment designed specifically for the emerging wireless telecommunications market, Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. rapidly grew to become a leading provider of wireless and satellite test solutions in addition to noise test solutions.

In 1991 our Company took a bold step and went public. In order to better reflect the nature of our business and relate to the industries we serve, in 1994 we adopted the corporate name, Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. We currently trade on the NYSE AMEX Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "WTT".

As our business was growing, it was apparent that the wireless and satellite test instrument business required different needs than the noise testing business. To provide each business with the essential resources and focus, we sold the assets of our wireless and satellite test equipment business to Telecom Analysis Systems, Inc. (TAS) in March 1999. This sale allowed us to expand our already comprehensive noise product line and strengthen our leadership within the industry as leaders in noise test solutions.

Today, Wireless Telecom Group, Inc.'s innovative and superior products are trusted and used by major commercial and military contractors worldwide. In line with our growth strategy we have expanded our product line and our Company with the completion of two acquisitions. In July 2000, Boonton Electronics, a leader in the manufacture of test equipment dedicated to measuring the power of RF and Microwave systems for telecommunications, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. To learn more about "Boonton" visit us on the web at www.boonton.com.

On December 21, 2001, we extended our Corporate family again by completing the acquisition of Microlab/FXR. Microlab/FXR, a wholly owned subsidiary is a global provider of passive components including power splitters, directional couplers and filters. These products are employed as system components in commercial applications for telecommunications and also in military systems such as electronic countermeasures and missile guidance. Visit Microlab/FXR at www.microlab.fxr.com to learn more.

On September 16, 2002 we relocated headquarters and the operations of Noise Com to 25 Eastmans Road , Parsippany, New Jersey 07054 . This location is now the home to both Noise Com and our wholly owned subsidiary Boonton Electronics as well as Corporate Headquarters. This consolidation has streamlined our operations and allowed us to further share resources.

In the fall of 2004 our wholly owned subsidiary Microlab/FXR completed its relocation to our offices in Parsippany, New Jersey. Once again the Company has benefited greatly by all three of our business units operating out of one facility.

Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. continues to seek out new and exciting opportunities for further growth and success. Our history continues to be written with each exciting milestone.

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