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Wireless Telecom Group, Inc

NYSE American: WTT
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SEC Filings

View Wireless Telecom Group's filings on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website.


2018  Third Quarter 10-Q

2018  Second Quarter 10-Q

2018  First Quarter 10-Q

2017  Fourth Quarter 10-K

2017  Third Quarter 10-Q

2017  Second Quarter 10-Q 

2017  First Quarter 10-Q 

2016  Fourth Quarter 10-K

2016  Third Quarter 10-Q

2016  Second Quarter 10-Q

2016  First Quarter 10-Q

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Annual Reports

A copy of the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-K Report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission may be obtained by written request to the Corporate Secretary at Corporate Headquarters.


2021 Annual Report



2020  Annual Report and Selected Financials   Proxy

2019  Annual Report and Selected Financials   Proxy

2018  Annual Report and Selected Financials   Proxy

2017  Annual Report and Selected Financials   Proxy

2016  Annual Report and Selected Financials   Proxy

2015  Annual Report and Selected Financials   Proxy

2014  Annual Report and Selected Financials   Proxy

2013  Annual Report and Selected Financials   Proxy

2012  Annual Report and Selected Financials   Proxy

2011  Annual Report and Selected Financials

2010  Annual Report and Selected Financials

2009  Annual Report and Letter to Shareholders

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